The Origin of Bojangles Pets

Launching in JUNE 2017, Bojangles Pets was established in 2016 by animal enthusiast Bethany. Bethany’s love of animals, particularly her two dogs; Mr Bojangles the French bulldog, and Alba the Spaniel, drove her desire to create Bojangles Pets providing the quality products that she believes her pets deserve.

Not only did Bethany want to provide high quality, high end pet products, she was extraordinarily passionate to deliver first class customer service with a buying experience like no other. From the first instant you encounter Bojangles Pets to the moment you open your exclusive delivery, we hope to leave a lasting memory that will welcome you inside the Bojangles Pets family forever.

With quality and safety at the forefront of all Bojangles Pets products, as too is style. We believe all our pets deserve to look their best at the same time as making use of many practical items available to them. The luxury Bojangles Pets products exude elegance, lavishness and comfort. With a deep rooted love for all animals and the gusto to ensure the Bojangles Pets promise is delivered, Bethany and the Bojangles Pets team continually work hard to deliver; supplying only the best in product and in experience to you and your pet. You can visit Bojangles Pets online store from June 2017 by clicking: HERE