luxury christmas bandana

Luxury Brushed Cotton Christmas Bandana


The Bojanlges Pets Luxury Brushed Cotton Christmas Bandana is handmade using the finest brushed cotton material. A beautifully simple design that adds a touch of style and Christmas fun!



There is nothing that says ‘Christmas’ like a luxury brushed cotton red tartan dogs bandana. This fun and unique bandana is handmade here in England with a high quality finish.

Luxury Brushed Cotton Christmas Bandana – The Finer Details

This bandana is red tartan brushed cotton for that deluxe feeling throughout. Handmade using quality brushed cotton this allows a stretch in the bandana. This not only ensures a comfortable fit for your dog, but a safe one to. The slip-on bandana simply slips over your dog’s collar, staying in place attached to the collar. For a more rustic and retro look the tie on easily and comfortably ties round your dog’s neck. All sizes are to be selected ensuring you have room for three fingers in between the neck and the bandana.

Luxury Brushed Cotton Christmas Bandana – Suitability

Our Bojangles Pets own label dog bandana range is suitable for all dogs, big or small. Available from sizes small-extra large there will be a fit that suits you and your dog. In addition to this the bandanas are available in either tie on or slip on style. This way you can choose exactly the style and fit you prefer, for an easy and simple wear.

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