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When Bojangles Pets met Teresa Cargill and her team, we jumped for joy and did a little happy dance! Teresa is the founder of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is a charity that works hard to, as they say, ‘raise Frenchies from the ashes with TLC’. It has a strong team based throughout the UK that works tirelessly to save, rehabilitate and re-home less fortunate Frenchies that for one reason or another find themselves needing a new home.

After learning more about Teresa and the charity we became fascinated with how the whole process works. With a 5,000+ strong Facebook community Teresa and her team co-ordinate and manage the entire process flawlessly. Through the powers of Facebook the charity seeks and recruits new foster and adoptive parents daily. Not only this but they precisely work as an unshakable team to put together ‘road trains’.

A road train is what they call the movement of a Frenchie that is going to a new foster or adoptive home. This can sometimes be from one end of the country to the other, and so a relay like journey is pieced together. They rely on the support and help of their community to transfer the precious cargo safely and securely, that undoubtedly never lets them down.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is sadly desperately needed due to the ever growing popularity of the French Bulldog breed. With this territory you will inevitably get more and more cases of neglected or abandoned dogs. It is people like Teresa and her team that step in when our beloved four legged companions will need them most.

Bojangles Pets cannot commend their work enough. A true dog lover feels the pain and sadness of each and every case of neglect or abandonment. If we could rescue them all and open our doors to everyone of them we would, however that is not possible. This is why Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue and their work is so important, because they will ensure no dog is turned away and will strive to give it back the safety, security and love that it so deserves.

Bojangles Pets will be supporting Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK and have chosen them as our Charity of the Year. We will raise money throughout the year to help support and enable them to carry on doing what they do best, to protect and serve the Frenchies of our country.

If you would like to find out more about Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK or get involved you can visit their website here, or join the action on the Facebook page here.

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