We want to make sure our customers receive only the best service at Bojangles Pets. We have therefore put together this set of FAQs’. Designed to help with some of the common questions we often get asked here at the Bojangles Pets HQ!

Can i try before i buy?

Bojangles Pets does not provide a ‘try before you buy’ service. All products purchased from the website are for your sole use. Should you wish to view an item before investing, for example our dogs toys, you can visit Bojangles Pets at one of their show events. A current list of events can be found here. This will give you the opportunity to see a product before purchasing. 
*Please note that not all stock items may be available at show events.

Do i have to create an account?

You do not have to create an account. You can check out as a guest. However, if you will be returning to Bojangles Pets or are a frequent user, creating an account is very beneficial for you. This will save lots of time and hassle when placing future orders!

Is there a difference between items sold online or at an event?

All items sold by Bojangles Pets are the same whether sold through our online shop, or at an event. They hold the same price tag, quality and choice. Special offers are run both online and for events, but these may differ from one another.

Can i return an item if i change my mind?

Any item you wish to return due to a change of mind or circumstance will only be approved for a store credit.

My item is faulty, can i return it?

Bojangles Pets makes every effort to ensure top quality throughout all its items. In the very unlikely event that you should need to return a faulty or damaged item you will be approved for a replacement item, or full refund. For any return, exchange or refund you will need to follow our Return & Exchange Policy which can be found here.

The colour of my item is not what i was expecting, why?

Bojangles Pets cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your individual computer screen will be the same as our computer screen, or the item itself. For example some dogs toys may appear bright red on your screen. However they may have a duller appearance in real life. All monitors will display colours differently depending on your resolution settings amongst other factors. Bojangles Pets does it up most best to ensure all colours and attributes are displayed correctly. For further information on this matter please see our Terms & Conditions which can be found here.

Will i be charged for shipping costs?

Bojangles Pets adds a small Postage & Packaging fee to every order based on the weight and size of the product. This will be done automatically at checkout. We aim to keep all additional costs to our customers as low as possible. To do this we therefore seek out the most cost effective and reliable courier service to meet the high standards of Bojangles Pets.

If you would like to take a look at the Bojanlges Pets range you can do so here. Our dogs toys can create hours of fun for all the family to enjoy!