Meet the official new Partners of Bojangles Pets!

Bojangles Pets has grown from strength to strength since its launch in 2016. After it’s first year of shows through-out the course of 2017, it has been accepted with love and excitement by all our customers we have had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

Some serious and unexpected personal circumstances for myself and my husband Paul at the beginning of 2018 have led to a change of course for Bojangles. Events took place that caused us to sit back and re-evaluate the business and it’s future. With such a promising start there is only room for further growth and development and a deep rooted love has already been formed. To enable the business to flourish to its full potential Paul and I asked my sister, Kirsty Wall and her husband Matthew, to come on-board officially with the business and partner up. They accepted and the rest as they say, is history!

From June 2018 we are delighted to welcome the Wall Family officially into the fold of the Bojangles Pets family. Having been there from the very start with helping hands along the entire way, they were the only possible people who we would want to share this journey with. They are already bringing fresh new ideas to the table and together we plan to bring you great things from Bojangles Pets. So without further ado, I introduce to you the Wall family…


Kirsty Wall

Kirsty is as loyal as they come. She has been by my side from day one of my Bojangles Pets dream. On hand to help and advise from the start, she knows the business inside out. A keen enthusiast for exhibiting, Kirsty loves nothing more than to fill out the year with summer fayres, carnivals and Christmas markets! Her love of dogs and delivering top class customer service mirrors that of the business and is evident at every angle.

Her bubbly persona echos the ethos of Bojangles Pets and she is looking forward to getting stuck in with moving the business forward.



bojangles pets luxury dog bedMatthew Wall and Freddie Wall

Husband to Kirsty, Matthew is a hard working, forward thinker. His mind never sleeps, with ideas and plans whizzing around! He has been with the business from day one helping at most shows and events. His love of dogs has developed with this and he is ready to grab this opportunity with both hands, bringing some new and innovative ideas to the business.

Freddie Wall is the youngest member of the team at only 3 years old! As the first born of Kirsty and Matthew he has been along for the ride and has LOVED it! His best friend is the one and only Mr Bojangles, and together they cause mischief wherever they go! Fred knows the ropes and is a dab hand at leaflet distributing. You will find his happy smiley face at most events we do.



Together Kirsty and Matthew enter the business with the future in mind. They have the passion and enthusiasm needed and want to help deliver only the best to our customers. Securing a family run business for our future generations, the five of us can’t wait to step into this together and bring you all Bojangles Pets has in store. We promise you won’t be disappointed so watch this space!

Bethany x

Bethany’s Great North Swim for Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue; Bojangles Pets Charity of the Year 2018


Bojangles Pets

Bojangles Pets Charity of the Year





On Friday 8th June 2018 I will take part in the Great North Swim, swimming 5K across the magnificent Lake Windermere!

As Bojangles Pets Founder I will be doing this to raise vital funds for our chosen Charity of the Year for 2018; Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is a registered UK charity that dedicate their time to the rescue and rehabilitation of french bulldogs in need. With the moto ‘raising frenchies from the Ashes with TLC’, it is clear what they are here to do!

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French Bulldog Rescue

Bojangles Pets Bulldog Rescue

When Bojangles Pets met Teresa Cargill and her team, we jumped for joy and did a little happy dance! Teresa is the founder of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is a charity that works hard to, as they say, ‘raise Frenchies from the ashes with TLC’. It has a strong team based throughout the UK that works tirelessly to save, rehabilitate and re-home less fortunate Frenchies that for one reason or another find themselves needing a new home.

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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People


Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Isolation, stress and loneliness; these are the three things that the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People aim to prevent and change within the life of a deaf person. How? Well of course by the incredible work of their hearing dogs!

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People match hundreds of hearing dogs with deaf people in and around the UK each year. This is done through shear hard work, determination and support of the public. While based in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire they train and develop each dog from a puppy to a fully fledged hearing dog ready to help change the world!

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8 Summer Tips for you and your dog!

Summer is a fun time for all, including dogs! The hot weather brings with it lots of festivals, dog shows, fetes and more, all to be enjoyed by the whole family. At the same time however, when the weather moves into the 20’s it is important to remember the effects that heat can have on your dog, just as you do with children. Here are some helpful tips for managing the heat and your dog;

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The Origin of Bojangles Pets

Launching in JUNE 2017, Bojangles Pets was established in 2016 by animal enthusiast Bethany. Bethany’s love of animals, particularly her two dogs; Mr Bojangles the French bulldog, and Alba the Spaniel, drove her desire to create Bojangles Pets providing the quality products that she believes her pets deserve.

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