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Welcome to Bojangles Pets

A luxury retail store for all dog accessories including bedding, collars and toys. Bojangles Pets specialises in unique and quality pet accessories, ensuring you and your dog receive only the best. Available via our online shop or at trading events. Bojangles Pets travels the UK throughout the year visiting different regions and exhibiting at various dog shows and events.

Our handmade dog accessories use materials sourced from within the UK and exude excellence. With country classic dog collars, unique dog bowls, vintage dog beds and retro dog toys, we promise to deliver the best in product and the best in experience to you and your pet. With added value including bespoke custom-made pet accessories available for certain items, Bojangles Pets really is the only place to shop when it comes to your four legged family member.

Our ranges mirror the seasons and we work hard to innovate and renew the products on offer. From Christmas themed dog bow ties to cool summer dog bandanas, there is always something for everyone at Bojangles Pets. All of our products are made with durability in mind. Whether a working country dog or a modern inner city dog, there are collections to suit both lifestyles. Durability meets style meets luxury.

Built on the foundations of love and affection for all animals, Bojangles Pets welcomes you to the family